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Current Projects

Laboratories Activities
The Institute of Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection (INT-RP) possesses integrated know-how in a wide range of fields and activities like:
  • Operates the only Experimental Nuclear Reactor in Greece (5MW) (with applications in neutron scattering techniques, nuclear analytical techniques, new materials and in biological tissue sterilization)

  • Operates an integrated radiation protection centre in Greece

  • Possesses expertise and facilities for radioactive waste treatment

  • Maintains an integrated laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring in Greece, with an extensive network of sampling/measuring/monitoring stations covering the entire country

  • It operates a state-of the art atmospheric fine and ultrafine aerosol characterization monitoring site

  • Is active in the field on nuclear fusion with emphasis on technology. It is the coordinator of the Greek Programme of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion

  • It has expertise in the evaluation and estimation of the implications of overexposure to ionising radiation using biological dosimetry methods. It has been selected by the IAEA as a laboratory for the standardization of these methods

  • It has developed knowhow for the integrated risk assessment of complex technological systems of new technologies, as well as the assessment of occupational risk along with the associated uncertainties. This know-how has been used on behalf of the Greek Ministries of Environment and Development, in the safety evaluation of Greek chemical companies according to the SEVESO Directive as well as in the risk assessment of several industrial installations

  • Applies an integrated R&D approach to environmental problems combining diagnosis, prognosis, impact and pollution-mitigation technology as well as software development (ISO 9001) and measurements (ISO 17025). Provides a broad range of services to Public and Private Organizations in Greece and abroad

  • Operates two accredited laboratories ERL and EREL in PM10 aerosol measurements in the atmospheric environment

  • Develops and applies advanced software tools for hydrogen safety as well as materials for improved hydrogen storage

  • Pursues an integrated approach on R&D in the area of thermal solar energy utilization, by means of high-performance solar collectors combined with thermal storage for both low and high temperature applications

  • Operates the only accredited Laboratory for the evaluation of the performance of solar energy systems and the development of methods for qualification and characterization of energy products (ISO, EN)

  • Develops state-of-the-art scientific software for micro-nano-particle dynamics and biofluid flow applications

  • Possesses an advanced computer cluster capable of more than 150 parallel processes and integrated in the world GRID system

  • It has expertise in molecular and cytogenetic evaluation of hematological neoplasias. It includes the ‘‘Cytogenetic reference lab’’ for the Hellenic Society of Hematology, providing centralized cytogenetic services to all Greek hospitals



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