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Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory (ERL)
Environmental REsearch Laboratory (EREL)
Research Reactor Laboratory (RRL)
Solar and other Energy Systems Laboratory (SESL)
Systems Reliability and Industrial Safety Laboratory (SRISL)
THErmal hydraulics & Multiphase flows LABoratory (THEMLAB)
Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory (ERL)
Head: Dr. Kritidis Panagiotis , Physicist (PhD), Researcher A'

kritidis(at) (+30) 2106503228 (+30) 2106503050 (Lab's Home Page)

Monitoring network:
A 40-station sampling and monitoring network for air radioactivity, radioactive deposition, surface and drinking water, seawater and marine biota, soil and food. A radiochemical section for sample treatment and a section of radioactivity measurements.
Basic equipment:
  • 3 High-resolution gamma-spectrometry systems.

  • 2 Alpha spectrometry systems.

  • 1 Low total-beta counting system.

  • 2 Mobile instruments for determination of radon and radon daughters in air and water.

  • 1 Atomic Absorption system with graphite furnace and hydride generator.

  • 1 Deep-sea in situ large volume centrifugal sampler.

  • Two cascade impactors (7 and 11 size fractions).

  • Two optical particle counters measurement range (0.1-3 m).

  • Two Scanning mobility particle sizers measurement range (0.01-0.7 m).

  • Two 7 wavelength aethalometers for measurement of Black carbon and absorption coefficient.

  • One single wavelength nephelometer for measurement of the scattering coefficient.

  • A number of in-situ instruments for detection of ionizing radiation.

Environmental REsearch Laboratory (EREL)
Head: Dr. Stubos Athanasios, Chemical Engineer (PhD), Researcher A'

stubos(at) (+30) 2106503447 (+30) 2106525004(Lab's Home Page)

Main Laboratory Equipment:
  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) with mass spectometry detector (MS) and electronic capture detector (ECD)(AGILENT 5975 GC/MS-ECD)

  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) with FID detector(Hewlett-Packard Series 5900) coupled with Thermal Desorption Sytem (CHROMPACK)

  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) with FID detector (AGILENT 1530N GC/FID) coupled with Thermal Desorption Sytem (TDS2 GERSTEL)

  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) with FPD detector (Varian Star 3400)coupled with Thermal Desorption Sytem (CDS 6000)

  • Portable Gas Chromatograph PE PHOTOVAC with PID detector

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography system (HPLC),with UV detector

  • Analytic balance with accuracy 10-6 gr (Mettler Toledo MX-5)

  • Analytic balance with accuracy 10-4 gr (Gilbertini E425-B)

  • Low volume samplers (6) for VOCs sampling (SKC)

  • Medium volume samplers (4) for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 [DERENDA (2), TECORA (1), LECKEL (1)]

  • High Volume samplers (2) for TSP measurements (Tisch)

  • Ambient Particulate Monitor (R&P TEOM 1400)

  • Weighing room with controlled conditions (temperature and relative humidity)

  • Automatic analysers for O3 (THERMO 49i), NOx (Environment s.a), and SO2 (THERMO 43i) monitoring

  • Portable meteorological mast (BABUC) for Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure

Computing Facilities:
  • An extensive Windows 2003/XP based LAN, constituting of more than 40 modern PCs, laptops, workstations and servers.

  • A Computer Room to host laboratory's servers rack with controlled conditions(temperature and humidity), dual aircontitioning, UPS and connected to Demokritos's backup power line.

  • Windows 2003 Terminal servers for Scientific Computing and Code Develpment.

  • A 6-nodes Beowulf class Computing Cluster based on Clustermatic 5 and designed for rapid deployment of new nodes.

  • A variety of other peripherals as printers, scanners, wi-fi access points etc.

Reaseach Reactor Laboratory (RRL)
Head: Dr. Yannis Papazoglou, Nuclear Engineer (PhD), Researcher A'
Deputy Head: Dr. I. E. Stamatelatos, Physicist (MSc, PhD), Researcher A'

yannisp(at) (+30) 2106503754 (+30) 2106545496
ion(at)        (+30) 2106503718 (+30) 2106533431

Large Scale Experimental Facilities at RRL
  • Nuclear Research Reactor 5 MW power

  • Neutron Scattering Facilities

    • Neutron diffractometer, Sample Environment: Closed cycle cryostat (8 - 300 K), Furnace (300 2000 K)

    • X-ray reflectometer (under installation)

    • Neutron reflectometer (under installation)

    • Small and Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering Apparatus (to be installed)

  • Nuclear Analytical techniques

    • Systems for gamma spectrometry analysis

    • Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis using isotopic neutron sources

  • Irradiation facilities

    • Thermal neutron column

    • Fast neutron irradiation facility

    • In core neutron irradiation facility

    • Pneumatic sample conveyor (rabbit)

    • 8 flux irradiation facility

    • High temperature irradiation rig (under development)

Other Experimental Facilities at RRL
  • Small Angle X-ray Scattering apparatus

  • Detector electronics laboratory

  • Radiation Protection laboratory

  • Radioactive sample laboratory

  • Sample preparation laboratory (furnaces, balances, cutting and polishing equipment)

  • Machine shop

Systems Reliability and Industrial Safety Laboratory (SRISL)
Head: Dr. Yannis Papazoglou, Nuclear Engineer (PhD), Researcher A'

yannisp(at) (+30) 2106503742 (+30) 2106540926(Lab's Home Page)

Modern computers and specialized software.

Solar and other Energy Systems Laboratory (SESL)
Head: Dr. Belessiotis Vassilios, Physicist (PhD), Researcher A'

beles(at) (+30) 2106503815 (+30) 2106544592(Lab's Home Page)

The following infrastructure has been developed and is available in the Laboratory:
  • Exploitable areas

    • Total area : 3000 m2

    • Buildings of special specifications

    • Testing facilities: 250 m2 (indoor) and 2000 m2 (outdoor)

  • Facility for testings according to ISO 9806-1 / EN 12975-2. (Efficiency tests in solar collectors). It consists of electric heaters, cooling machines and heat exchangers for producing and keeping water at steady temperature, frames for placing collectors under test and operation control unit. The installation is capable of testing in four solar collectors simultaneously.

  • Facility for testings according to ISO 9806-2 / EN 12975-2. (Qualification tests in solar collectors). It includes :

    • Installation for internal pressure test in collector absorber.

    • Installation for high temperature resistance and internal thermal shock tests.

    • Installation for exposure and external thermal shock tests.

    • Installation for rain penetration test.

  • Facility for testings according to ISO 9459-2 / EN 12976-2. (Performance tests in domestic solar hot water systems). It contains electrical heaters and cooling machine for producing and keeping water in constant temperature and two water tanks, frames for placing solar systems under test and fans, control system hydraulic, electrical and electronic elements

  • Adiabatic chambers for performance rating of air-conditioners, fan-coils and heat-pumps according to ISO 5151

  • Facility for determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related properties of thermal insulation materials according to ISO 8302. It contains Guarded hot-plate apparatus, cooling bath for temperature balancing and control system.

  • Instrument calibration facilities: Thermostatic bath and portable thermostatic oven for calibration of liquid and air temperature sensors, dead-weight tester and portable air pump for calibration of liquid and air pressure sensors, installation for calibration of flowmeters using the weighting technique, installation for calibration of pyranometers.

  • Installation for characterization of thermal storage tanks according to EN 12897 (heat exchanger performance and standing heat loses).

  • Infrared thermal vision system.

  • Decentralized system for the automatic operation of control and data gathering processes of the testing installations and also for other running experiments in the Lab, consisting of computing units, ethernet networks, data acquisition systems capable of controlling more than 500 input channels and 100 output channels.

  • Special measurements devices of high metrological level (SPRT thermometers, calibration baths, secondary standard pyranometers, dew point, electromagnetic flow meters etc).

  • Software for CFD simulations.

  • Software for solar-collector and solar-system simulation.

Thermal - Hydraulics and Multiphase Flow Laboratory (THEMLAB)
Head: Dr. Housiadas Christos, Mechanical Engineer (PhD), Researcher A'

christos(at) (+30) 2106503745 (+30) 2106548415 (Lab's Home Page)

The basic equipment of THEMLAB includes:
  • Advanced computing infrastructure in the form of a computer cluster, designed to be compatible with the requirements of the grid.

  • Specialized software: CFD commercial packages.



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