The ERL midi arrangements
on music of Greek authors
are temporarily disabled
due to copyright legal reasons.

The Greek Anthem is not copyright protected (yet).

,,- Own compositions
- Available in a multi-media page as well.

Most of the arrangements - by P.
The QuasiFractal Music Collection

The midi files on the right have been created by use of the QuasiFractal Composer, created by Paul Whalley. No melodic or harmonic interventions, but only minor orchestration and effect changes have been applied.

The Ultimate Rebetika collection
Under development since June 2000

Pame Tsarka
Kato sta Lemonadika

Rebetica Collection 2

The files at the right side are my simple compositions based on the Greek Rebetika tradition.

Rebetiko 1
Rebetiko 2

Rebetiko 3

Rebetiko 4

Yugoslavian Midi Files


The Anthem of FRY
The Hymn of Saint Sava
Narodno Kolo
Cigansko Kolo
Glass full of Wine
Pavketovo kolo

Ljubisa Pavkovic/Bair D. A '1999 NATO version'...
Nace Naumovski
Ljubisa Pavkovic/Bair D

The New Year Midi Concert

A Greek song
Three Waltzes
The Anthem of Italy
El Negrito del Batey
In the Greek Border
1001 Nights
The Golden Pipe

Dilmano Dilbero
Three Classic Tangos
An Old Waltz

A Chilean Song
Mnogaya Leta

in unusual arrangement
from the Aegean Sea
from the former USSR
with Bandera Rossa embedded
Cuban song *
Uncensored Bulgarian song
of science fiction
devoted to Vienna
A Bulgarian folk song
from Latin America
from Russia
of Inti Illimani
Slavonic orthodox longevity hymn
The March 25 Gala Concert

(Mnogaya Leta, Navarino , The British Anthem)
The Balkan Destruction

Aegean / Crete Collection

Pote tha kanei xasteria
Pote tha anoixoume pania
Ela pare me / Ligaria
Aegean Dances

The Russian Collection

Old Military Marches
Old Civil Marches
The Chastushka of Katia
The Sacred War
Three Waltzes
Wide is My Country


Balkan salsa
Bulgarian dance
Balkan-style jazz
Carmina Kourana
Dilmano - Dilbero
Dupe Mussolini (Greek Resistance Song)

Music for the Internet

The Foundation Theme
A Science Fiction Waltz
A Terminus Dance
Foundation's Fear
A Finale Theme
A Foundation Military March

Bob Mace midi files ( * with some P.K. orchestration)

Amazed *
Blue eyes *
Georgia *
Love story
I see fire, I see rain

Visit the Bob Mace Tribute Midi Page of Don and Carla Goyette.

Thank you for the visit. P. Kritidis