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ERL is a founding unit of NCSR 'Demokritos‘.
Its operation started in 1959 and was regulatory imposed in 1961.
ERL is one of the 13 NCSR “D” Laboratories, accredited for services provision.

It is dedicated to the research (original, oriented, technological),
related to the radiation protection of the environment and man, radioecology and aerosol science.

ERL operates a part of the Greek Environmental Radioactivity Control Network,
coordinated by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, the regulatory authority for the radiation protection of the Greek population,
in the frame of the REM program of EU (article 35 of the EURATOM Treaty).

It provides specialized scientific and technological services
to other institutions, companies and individuals,
under its programs of Technological Research and Applications.

A part of ERL activities is focused on artificial radioactivity, NORM/TENORM and radioecology of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

Another part is related to atmospheric aerosol properties, metrology and modelling applications.

 ( Research on Radiation Protection & Radioecology and Aerosol Science ).

Selected ERL publications ( Radiation Protection & Radioecology and Aerosol Science )
A description of basic instruments and methods.
Important information, related to radiation protection, radioecology and aerosol science.

ERL works in close collaboration with a number of foreign scientists and laboratories.
It is also involved in a number of European Union radiation protection activities.


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