The New Vienna SoundFont Studio 2.0

is now available
for the members of Creative Connection (free membership).


The Creative NetSynth Plugin comming soon.

Creative NetSynth, an Internet MIDI Plug-In with integrated synthesizer created in collaborations with Seer Systems, performs stunning MIDI synthesis.

Once equipped with Creative NetSynth client drivers, net surfers will be able to enjoy smoother and richer background music or audio playback when browsing sites with Creative NetSynth support. Furthermore, sound effects will be gently phased out when surfing to a new site, instead of cutting off abruptly.

This new MIDI Plug-In also supports Creative's soon-to-be released Creative WaveSynth/WG. Debuting the all-new Sondius™ WaveGuide Technology, users can look to experiencing highly expressive and natural sound reproductions.

Basic system requirement is a Pentium-equipped computer running Windows 95, any Sound Blaster™ 16 family of sound cards and can run on both Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.


Creative NetSynth Features

GM Compatible Yes
Synthesis Methods Wavetable, Physical Modeling demo voice
Math 32-bit floating point
Optimization Pentium/Pentium Pro floating point
Patch-Caching Yes - WaveLock
Sample Set Rate 22 kHz
Sample Set Width 16-bit, some 8 bit for special FX
Sound Set Size 1.1M
Output Rate 22 or 44 kHz switched dynamically
Dynamic Range 96 dB (CODEC limited)
Simultaneous Voices Available 32
Sondius Overdrive Guitar free demonstration voice
Pitch Bend Range +/- 24 semitones
Delayed LFOs Yes
Polyphonic LFOs Yes
Envelopes Logarithmic, floating point, per sample (no zipper noise)
Panning Stereo (continuous)
Oscillator Interpolation Linear
CPU Usage 10 - 20% typical.
Total System Note-on Latency 15 - 20 ms
Idle Load <1%
Dynamic CPU Load Control Yes
System Monitor Support Yes
Other Services  
Reverb Yes. Hi-fi, optimized, multi-mode.
Adjustable WAV Reverb Depth Yes (with proper CT drivers, ver4.33 & above)
GM / GS Reset Yes
Log Voicing Curves Yes
Operating System Windows 95