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Seminars on high performance computing

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Parallel programming has evolved to a valuable tool for resource intensive simulations in many scientific and applied fields.

This course provides an in-depth hands-on approach to parallel computing starting from hardware issues and reaching all the way to parallel programming strategies with MPI.

This course is ideal for post-graduate students in engineering and applied sciences who wish to pursue a career in scientific computing and PhD students who develop scientific software for resource intensive applications. It also targets systems administrators who plan to setup a parallel infrastructure at their insitutes.

The first two seminars, CS09A (28/9/2009-2/10/2009) and CS09B (23/11/2009-27/11/2009), were held at the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos", Athens, Greece. They attracted an enthousiastic audience of 37 young scientists and computer experts from Universities, Research Institutes and private companies.

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