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The Institute of Nuclear Technology - Radiation Protection (INT-RP) was founded in 1987 following the gradual merging of the Divisions of Nuclear Technology, Radiation Protection and Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring of the former Nuclear Research Centre "Demokritos". The research activities of INT-RP started in the late 50ies. Since that time the personnel and the facilities of INT-RP have been the main research / know-how centre and connecting node with International organizations in the areas of nuclear technology and radiation protection in Greece. It has also been the implementation branch of the regulatory and licensing activities of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC). Since 1989, when the GAEC was established as an independent body, the regulatory and licensing activities have being gradually transferred from INT-RP to the GAEC. The personnel of INT-RP consists of 29 research scientists and 30 technicians. The facilities of INT-RP, worth 100 Million $US (1989), include:

  • An open-pool 5MW Research Reactor, equipment for neutron dosimetry and neutron activation analysis.

  • Systems for radiation measurements of environmental samples along with the national network of environmental radioactivity measurement stations

  • Radiochemistry laboratory for experimental low-level radioactive waste treatment

  • An 80 m height meteorological mast with four sampling levels and data processing centre

  • Laboratory for assessing the thermohydraulic performance of solar systems
    System for biological dosimetry with radiation (X, a, neutron) set-ups and a basic cytogenetics laboratory

  • Computing facilities including a network of workstations and PC's, for the on-line and off-line data collection and processing, related software



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